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The Complete Culinary Collection

This is the full Sauce Boss Gang flavor experience! Immerse yourself in a world of flavor with our complete culinary collection. Featuring all four Sauce Boss Gang hot sauce flavors and both signature seasonings. This collection comes wrapped in our custom-designed mission art box. This collection makes a perfect gift for the bougie foodie and a necessity for the flavor enthusiast. Experience our testament to pouring confidence in the world through a true artistically packaged culinary experience.


Sauce Boss Gang's hot sauce flavors are made with great attention to detail, like pieces of art, crafted to deliver exceptional flavor, bold aesthetics, and the promise to elevate your daily life. Each hot sauce flavor represents a specific chapter in our journey to create Sauce Boss Gang, with the entire collection narrating the complete story. We encourage you to explore our flavors, share our story, and not waste a moment being the main character in your own. Join the gang where flavor is first, heat is secondary, and confidence is our most powerful ingredient.

"Whole Damn Gang" features entire story on back labels.

Each flavor is packaged in a 5 FL OZ glass bottle to maintain flavor integrity. Our hot sauce flavors have a shelf life of 2 years. You do not need to refrigerate our product but can if you prefer.