At Sauce Boss Gang, our mission is simple:

Pour confidence in the world.

We believe that our ability to share our journey allows others to see how confidence can lead you to extraordinary places. We hope our hot sauce flavors inspire you daily, reminding you that confidence is your most powerful ingredient.

"Sauce Boss Gang was created as a sanctuary for my alter ego."

Creating this company allowed me to dream big and speak boldly. Through the company's evolution I was able to break free from my own self limiting beliefs.

Sharing my journey is important because it's raw, it's real, and it's been worth every moment. I want our hot sauce flavors to reflect that same boldness and resilience.

Each flavor name and design is intentional, representing a specific chapter in my self-transformation, with my story shared on the back of each hot sauce bottle.

My hope is our hot sauce serves as a daily reminder that if I can do it, you can too-because that's simply the truth.

Nicole DiTommaso (Founder of Sauce Boss Gang)

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