Sauce Boss Gang hot sauce flavors are made with great attention to detail, like pieces of art. Crafted to deliver exceptional flavor, with bold aesthetics, and the promise to elevate your daily life.

We encourage you to explore our flavors, share our story, and not waste a moment being the main character in your own.

Join the gang where flavor is first, heat is
secondary, and confidence is our most powerful ingredient.


The Bet

"Granada" marks the beginning of our self-confidence journey. It reminds us to take an explosive leap of faith into the unknown, restoring faith in ourselves.

This hot sauce captures deep,
earthy notes of mesquite wood and aged red chipotle peppers. Offering a surprisingly rich flavor, this is a perfect mild heat.

Perfect for: Grilled dishes, bourbon cocktails, baking, and all chocolate flavor profiles.

Mild Heat Level. Scoville units: 50,000 (Approx.). Gluten-Free. Shelf Life: 2 years.

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Toro Verde

The Renewal

Toro Verde brings the reminder that some journeys must start alone. We must break free from the opinions, expectations, and assumptions of others and renew our destiny.

This hot sauce is tangy and bright. A modern version of the classic verde salsa, this mild flavor is delicious and never overpowering.

Perfect For: Shrimp, salsas, eggs, bloody mary's, and taco nights.

Mild Heat Level. Scoville units 60,000 (Approx.) Gluten-Free, Shelf Life: 2 years.

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The Rebirth

Coffin hot sauce signifies the acceptance and understanding of the need to let go of the old version of oneself before a new one can emerge.

This habanero sauce harmonizes the robust essence of garlic, the fiery kick of habanero, and the natural sweetness of carrots. This is our pick for a savory everyday go-to!

Perfect for: Wings, pizza, bloody mary's, chili, pasta sauce, tacos, breakfast...everything.

Medium heat level. Scoville units 70,000 (Approx.) Gluten-Free, Shelf Life: 2 years.

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La Jefa

The Boss

La Jefa hot sauce represents empowerment and self-worth. The final chapter in the Sauce Boss Gang manifesto, this hot sauce flavor reminds us that with self confidence, you can conquer any challenge.

Our #1 seller, La Jefa hot sauce is a bold blend of scorpion pepper, habanero mash, and mustard seed. This hot sauce offers a unique flavor profile with perfectly balanced heat.

Perfect for: Spicy margaritas, creamy dips, sweet fruity flavors, broths, wings marinades.

HOT AF heat level. Scoville Units 250,000 (Approx.) Gluten-Free, Shelf Life: 2 years.

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Lemon Fuego

Lemon Fuego is like a tempting summer fling that you can't resist. Imagine basking in the hot summer sun, beads of sweat shimmering in the light, and savoring the combination of zesty lemon pepper and spicy red jalapeño on your lips.

Perfect for: Salmon, popcorn, chicken, salads, chips, broths and veggies.

Medium heat level.

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Volcanic Kiss

Volcanic Kiss seasoning, is a seductive blend of roasted garlic, crushed habanero and red sea salt. This flavor is like a twin-flame encounter, where immediately you're drawn in, and the romance erupts like a wild volcano-leaving a soul-shocking kiss that lingers on your lips for a lifetime.

Perfect for: Salads, guac, pizza, wings, veggies,meats, bagels and cream cheese, eggs, and more.

Hot heat level.

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