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Most Popular Hot Sauce Flavors

This collection ensures you have maximum flavor at home and on the go! The Haute Box Collection is complete with full sizes of our spiciest flavors La Jefa and Coffin hot sauce. Plus, a complete travel hot sauce set of all Sauce Boss Gang hot sauce flavors. *Ships in a matte black box. Custom Box available for upgrade.*

Spanish Chipotle Pepper Capturing the deep, earthy notes of mesquite wood and the distinct smokiness of aged red chipotle peppers this hot sauce tastes rich and decadent. This popular hot sauce flavor is perfect for heat seekers looking to add a smokiness to grilled dishes, bourbon cocktails, baking and chocolate recipes! Mild Heat Level Scoville units 50,000 (Approx.) Gluten-Free, Shelf Life: 2 years.

Toro Verde Hot Sauce (Tangy & Bright) Tangy Green Jalapeno Our newest addition to Sauce Boss Gang. A modern and vibrant rendition of the classic verde salsa in a jalapeno hot sauce. This flavor is the best hot sauce for people seeking a vinegar-forward tang with the heat of aged jalapeno. Toro Verde has a mild heat profile, making it the best sauce to pair with seafood, steak, huevos rancheros, vegetables, and taco nights! Mild Heat Level. Scoville units 70,000 (Approx.) Gluten-Free, Shelf Life: 2 years.

Coffin Hot Sauce (Smooth & Savory) Garlic Habanero with Sweet Carrot Crafted to perfection this hot sauce combines the robust essence of garlic, the fiery kick from habanero, peppers and the natural sweetness of carrots. This fan favorite is number one on our hot sauce list! This habanero sauce has a medium heat profile and is an excellent go-to everyday hot sauce. This popular hot sauce is perfect for wings, pizza, Bloody Mary’s, omelets and pasta sauces. Medium heat level. Scoville units 70,000 (Approx.) Gluten-Free, Shelf Life: 2 years.

La Jefa Hot Sauce (Fierce & Flavorful) Garlic Scorpion with Habanero Mash & Mustard-Seed The boss herself, reigning supreme as a Garlic Scorpion Pepper hot sauce. Our spiciest hot sauce creation combines the robust flavors of garlic, scorpion pepper, habanero mash, and mustard seed. This award-winning hot sauce stands out for its perfect balance of fierceness and flavor. This fiery sauce is our top seller and complements margaritas, Bloody Mary’s, savory broths, and sweet fruits. Experience the rich texture of this sauce, resembling a thick mash similar to sriracha, and elevate your daily flavor game. HOT AF heat level. Scoville Units 150,000 (Approx.) Gluten-Free, Shelf Life: 2 years. WARNING: This is a thicker texture hot sauce, there is no bottle stopper.

Sauce Boss Gang's hot sauce flavors are made with great attention to detail, like pieces of art, crafted to deliver exceptional flavor, bold aesthetics, and the promise to elevate your daily life. Each hot sauce flavor represents a specific chapter in our journey to create Sauce Boss Gang, with the entire collection narrating the complete story. We encourage you to explore our flavors, share our story, and not waste a moment being the main character in your own. Join the gang where flavor is first, heat is secondary, and confidence is our most powerful ingredient.

"Whole Damn Gang" features entire story on back labels.

Each flavor is packaged in a 5 FL OZ glass bottle to maintain flavor integrity. Our hot sauce flavors have a shelf life of 2 years. You do not need to refrigerate our product but can if you prefer.